Today's world is characterized by globalization, intercultural marriages and extensive demographic changes within our communities. Many multicultural parents need guidance to develop strong and healthy multilingual home environment. They want a home that nurtures all family member's potentials and identities, without compromising their development in English and in the mainstream culture. Common questions are…

The answer is a resounding YES, and WE CAN HELP

At the MFRC we can:

Family guidance

Family services are hourly rate.


Workshops can also be tailored to cover specific topics that families or teachers are interested in.


For organizations, cultural centers and museums looking to develop curriculum, events, exhibitions and activities to support families home languages.

Workshop services and special projects are flat fee.

contact us to schedule a free consultation.


MFRC also serves as a resource of information about agencies, local resources and experts; educational opportunities; and PDFs on child bilingualism and multilingual families.

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