What we do

Supporting parents & children to develop family languages for their multilingual world

At MFRC we offer multilingual families guidance services and resources to enable them to embrace their linguistic and cultural traditions. Our workshops provide parents and teachers with tools to better communicate and enhance children's multilingualism and academic achievement. Our consulting services guide cultural organizations to develop events and curriculum for families to enjoy their own home languages through art and cultural traditions.

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In today's world, parents need specific guidance to develop strong and healthy multilingual home environments…

  • Parents to be
  • Parents of school age children
  • Grandparents join the team!

As our classrooms become more diverse than ever, issues of home languages and academic achievement are at the center of our daily work…

  • Communicating better with families
  • Supporting home languages as a resource
  • Home languages and academic achievement

Cultural organizations seek to provide their members with an array of resources and experiences to foster a sense of cultural understanding and appreciation.

  • Languages and family programming
  • Languages and community events